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Student Accounts

Updated: Mar 11

Student Account balances can be accessed via the file below - updated 3/11/24.

Student Account Ledger 20240311
Download PDF • 402KB

Use the following form to withdraw funds from your Student Account. For example, this can be used to buy a new instrument or be reimbursed for WMBC trip expenses.

Student account rules from section 11 of the by-laws

2023,24 Student Account Withdrawal Request
Download DOCX • 222KB

Sec 1: All Warren Mott Band/Color Guard students shall have individual scholarship credit accounts, kept for them by the WMBC. Scholarship credits that are earned from selected WMBC activities, fundraisers, programs, etc. are to be placed into these accounts.

  • Sec 2: These Credits may be used for any of the following: student/school owned instrument repair and instrument accessories, new instrument purchase with Director’s approval, uniform replacement, sheet music, educational music trips and camps ( including Warren Mott Band Camps), private lessons, solo & ensemble fees. No other expenses will be considered.

  • Sec 2A: All students must have a current Student Scholarship Account Form on file signed by student/parent/guardian before any funds are dispersed.

  • Sec 3: The expenditure of these credits must be approved by the Student Scholarship Account Treasurer (SSAT) of the WMBC. Withdrawal forms with receipts or other reasonable proof attached will be accepted by the SSAT, from the beginning of the school year through the end of the school year, with the exception of Warren Mott band camp expenditures.

  • Sec 3A: Any item for which reimbursement is sought must be submitted by the end of the school year in which the student graduates or leaves the band program for items incurred through active participation in the Warren Mott Band/Color Guard.

  • Sec 4: (a) Students have up to six months after leaving the band program to access any unused credits in their student account for any items that would be normally considered under Section 2 of this article, but not related to Warren Mott Band/Color Guard. In addition to those items, consideration will be given to college related music activities. (b) Upon receipt of a written request, within six months of graduation or leaving the band program, the credit balance may be transferred to a sibling’s account, which is currently or will be participating in the Warren Mott Band/Color Guard within one year. (c) Unused credit balance in a student’s account who is no longer participating in the Warren Mott Band/Color Guard will be forfeited to the general WMBC account after six months of leaving the program.

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