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volunteers needed

Updated: Mar 5

Calling ALL parents!!!!

We have many events that currently have senior and junior parents as chairs. There are also 4 board members will be graduating out next year! These events should be shadowed the year before taking over. Step up now to learn what's involved!

These opportunities are what makes our band club so special for these amazing kids!

Volunteers/chairpersons needed, you are encouraged to see current Chair if interested.

  • Uniforms (see Leah Smith)

  • Craft show (see Pattie Bill)

  • Last Game Party (See Aleisha Scott)

  • Pasta Fest (See Aleisha Scott)

  • Basketball Concessions (See Pattie Bill)

  • Jazz Night (See Jessie Carter)

  • Band Camp (See Karen Becroft)

Chairpersons are responsible for organizing the event. ex: planning, coordinating volunteers, communicating status and needs. We have several years worth of history for each event and in many cases a current chairperson that is willing to train you.

Please reach out to any board member if you are interested.

Contact information can be found on the "About Us" page or join us at our monthly band meeting (See calendar for details)


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